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Westchester Live!

June 10, 2017

2pm til 8pm

join the parade


Westchester Live!

June 10, 2017

2pm til 8pm

join the parade

Los Angeles Carnival Westchester Live!

A Placemaking Festival and Parade of
Arts, Culture and Entertainment


A fun-filled day for the whole family!

Westchester Live Sepulveda Blvd

Roving Performers

Staged Performances

Art and Cultural Displays

Carnival Parade


Saturday, June 10, 2017
2 p.m. - 8 p.m.


"The Sepulveda Strip"

8600 block Sepulveda Boulevard
between LaTijera and Manchester

(see details below)

Los Angeles Carnival Westchester Live re-imagines the annual Los Angeles Carnival in Westchester and presents it as a contemporary placemaking arts and cultural festival in the spirit of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s "Great Streets" initiative. Sponsored by International Eye, Los Angeles and supported, in part, by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, the purpose is to engage the community and ignite cross-sector economic activity using arts and culture as the primary driver.  

Los Angeles Carnival

There will be roving and staged performances, with art and cultural activity along the street and sidewalks. The festival, punctuated by a 1.25 mile carnival parade along The Sepulveda Strip, aims to attract and entertain visitors, affirm the emerging diversity of the community and create a platform for positive cross-cultural interaction.

As the gateway of the nation’s most creative region, the Westchester / LAX area, with one of the highest per capita hotel presences in the city, is a prime location to host international arts and cultural events that entertain, educate and promote cross-sector business activity.

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Los Angeles Carnival Westchester
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parade route and
event venues


parade route and
event venues

L.A. Carnival takes place

In Venues,

On the Sidewalk


In the Street!

8600 block of Sepulveda

in the City of Westchester

(between Manchester and La Tijera)

Go to Google Map of Area



Parade Route


LaTijera between
88th Place and Westchester Parkway

From Sepulveda Blvd:

West on LaTijera/88th Street

North on Emerson  |  East on Manchester

South on Sepulveda  |  West on LaTijera


at Assembly Area on LaTijera between
88th Place and Westchester Parkway.

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carnival fees and info


carnival fees and info

What is Los Angeles Carnival?

Los Angeles Carnival is a performance street and touring organization, with a strong educational component. It is the longest running Caribbean carnival in Southern California, with an unbroken record of production since 1998. Los Angeles Carnival is part of the worldwide chain of Caribbean carnivals imported into The Americas, Europe, Asia and even Africa, by Caribbean immigrants, beginning as early as the 1930’s.

L.A. Carnival Westchester Live is an innovative edition of Los Angeles Carnival that incorporates cross-sector economic activity in a modern ‘placemaking’ festival, specific to the Westchester/LAX area. The producers have partnered with business owners and local arts and cultural producers to host special events in and around the carnival route. These events will be complemented by roving street and staged performances, with the carnival being the highlight of a range of arts and cultural activities happening simultaneously along the ‘Sepulveda Strip.’

By activating businesses along the street and sidewalks wherever possible, L.A. Carnival becomes an economic driver and an integral part of a community-wide event, instead of a stand alone spectator activity that simply passes through. Still maintaining the essential elements that make a Caribbean carnival so much fun, revelers and masqueraders will continue to dance, interact with the audience and party along with their mobile music systems to the disbanding point of the carnival route.  Post-carnival events will continue, based on producers and host venue scheduling.

Welcome to L.A. Carnival Westchester Live!

The Traditional Caribbean Carnival


The traditional Caribbean carnival consists of groups of costumed masqueraders who wear the same style or color costume and are recognized as being the same ‘band.’ In addition, there may be cultural and artistic performers, and corporate and community groups who may or may not be masqueraders, but wear the same color or style garment.  

Each carnival masquerade group is organized by a Captain who chooses the theme and designs the costumes, or works with a designer and costume maker to manufacture costumes. The Captain then recruits masqueraders who choose from available costumes and come out to play in the band. At the end of the carnival the band disperses and each participant keeps or discards his or her costume. This process is repeated with new themes and new designs for next year’s carnival.


How L.A. Carnival Works

How to Participate

There are a few components that work together to bring the event to life.

  • The producing company that organizes the carnival infrastructure, handles permitting, and manages the overall event.
  • Community groups, organizations, businesses, carnival bands or individuals who register to ‘play mas,’ dance, or parade in the carnival.
  • Carnival Band Captains or Carnival Artists who create a theme for their group, provide the costumes and recruit people to buy the costumes and play/dance in their band.
  • Masqueraders and revelers who select a carnival group to play with, purchase costumes and participate on the street.
  • The sponsors, donors and organizations who adopt, sponsor or underwrite the cost of one or more components of the event or groups in return for promotional and/or other benefits.

A carnival group can be organized by an individual, a business, a school, an organization or a performing group. 

L.A. Carnival Global Village

A unique feature of Los Angeles Carnival is L.A. Carnival Global Village. Individuals who do not wish to be part of a group or carnival band may create their own costume and register to be part of L.A. Carnival Global Village. They provide their own costumes but are provided with a sound system and D.J. by L.A. Carnival. Villagers party behind the formal bands as part of the whole carnival experience.



There are two basic fees to participate in the carnival / parade:

  • The registration fee paid to the production company for producing the event, and
  • The fee paid to the Band Captain / Leader for costumes and amenities for being in their bands.

Registration Fees

Registration fee paid to the producing company who organizes the infrastructure and administers the event ranges between $10 and $25 dollars per person. This is similar to paying to participate in the L.A. Marathon, or other type of walkathons.

Band captains may not collect registration fees on behalf of the producing company. All individual registration fees must be paid directly to the producing company. Each registered participant will be issued a unique registration number which must be presented on the day of the event in order to participate. If a band captain pays on behalf of their members, individual ID numbers will still be issued by the producing company for each paid member.

Costume Fees

The second cost of being a masquerader is the Costume, which must be paid directly to the Band Captain. Costs vary widely depending on the quality and complexity of the costume. This money is collected by the Band Captains and is strictly between the captain and the masquerader who wears the costume. The carnival producing body is not involved in this transaction and will not collect this fee on behalf of a band captain.


Prizes and/or trophies and certificates are awarded in each category of participation. Prizes will be announced.


Sign Up

to participate

Sign Up

to participate

Sign Up!

Select your interest below to participate in Los Angeles Carnival Westchester Live.

Carnival Band Captain or Group Leader

You choose a theme, create costumes and recruit people to join your band in the parade.

Masquerader / Reveler / Group or Band Member:

Adults $15.00
Students $10.00
Children under 10 Free

You register with L.A. Carnival and receive a unique I.D. number. You then find a group or carnival band to play with. You pay them a fee and/or purchase a costume to be part of their band and play with them in the carnival. Carnival band fees or costume costs are arranged between you and your Band Captain.

Parade Categories
LA Carnival Westchester Live 2017

Artist / Crafter / Vendor

Fee negotiated. Contact L.A. Carnival.
You display your art or craft for sale, or to promote your work or business.


Financial arrangements negotiatedContact L.A. Carnival.
Pending time and space availability performers participate in the carnival, or as a roving or stage performer.


Volunteers are needed to assist in many areas of the event. Volunteers receive a certificate of participation. Students can arrange community service credit, and when available, each volunteer gets a goodie bag.

Volunteer positions include:

  • Parade Marshals and Captains
  • Production and Event Assistants
  • Event Day Chaperones and Assistants
  • Costume Makers and Dressers
  • Outreach / Promotion / Social Media Assistants
  • Tech/Social Media Assistants
  • Revelers, Masqueraders, Performers and Artists

Contact us for more information.