Arts Education

Arts education is one of our core programs. Los Angeles Carnival is the only touring and educational carnival arts organization in Southern California that can provide a full range of standard-based arts education curriculum in multiple subject areas. Our two primary programs are STEAM at the Core™ and Los Angeles Carnival in Education (LACIE)™.

STEAM at the Core™

Click here for info on a student competition sponsored by STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) at the Core™. 

Industry research repeatedly indicates that STEAM-focused learners innovate, think logically and employ integrated skill sets to solve challenging problems. They embrace the natural integration of the best elements of STEAM philosophy, and draw inspiration from the natural environment.

This is the basis of STEAM at the Core. It is an integrated arts education program that uses carnival, festival and other arts as content delivery tools. Students are taught the skills, and guided to master competencies that engage their intellect, spark their creativity and encourage them to innovate thoughtfully and fearlessly, in a guided, project-based learning environment. Our arts education programs put STEAM at the Core™. 


Los Angeles Carnival Arts in Education™

Los Angeles Carnival Arts in Education™(LACIE) creates a path for young people, particularly in underrepresented communities, to be exposed to careers in the creative industries.

The program provides structured, standard-based arts education and exposure to career options by bringing professionals into the classroom to collaborate with classroom teachers. Students have an opportunity to explore their intellectual, creative and technical interests in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Participants who are interested in entering the creative industries are guided in finding ongoing training and entry level opportunities in their areas of interest.

Community Programs

Caribbean Ambassador Mentor Program

CARICABELA Caribbean Ambassador Mentor Program is a leadership program designed to develop or improve skills in community outreach, program administration and public speaking.  It encourages young people of Caribbean heritage to retain their cultural heritage and incorporate its values into their resident communities. CARICABELA works with each Ambassador to provide information and professional relationships with mentors in their areas of interest. There are two divisions – Youth, 17 and under and Adult, 18 and over.

Ambassadors perform community outreach duties in the areas of culture, health, education and business development. They also perform as spokespersons for CARICABELA’s Youth and Adult programs.